david piazzale michelangelo

La Loggia: historic cafe' and restaurant since 1876

It is now over 130 years that ‘La Loggia’ has been standing sentinel over Florence, from the Piazzale Michelangelo. 

It was placed on guard, so to speak, in 1865: to watch over the city, to protect it, to keep an eye on the medieval battlements of the Bargello and the Palazzo Vecchio, and on the renaissance domes of Santa Maria del Fiore and San Lorenzo.

La Loggia was realized by Poggi for a specific purpose: it was to be a Michelangelo museum. 

Well, the works of art never arrived here and in 1876 and was intended for "Cafè Restaurant". Today, as well as 130 years ago, we enthusiasttically to ensure that those who sit at our tables for a coffee, lunch or dinner, realize that you are at the center of the spiritual history but especially in the food and wine which we are following with great care. 


The restaurant La Loggia offers its clients, in a discreet and elegant environment the real flavours of the tuscan cuisine. But also offers innovative dishes to keep pace with time, becoming one of the references of florentine restaurant (kjnown thoughout the world). 


Our cellar has a good selection of national wines of quality. 


Florence seen from La Loggia: at the table with art and history