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The history of the Loggia begins more than 150 years ago, when in 1865 the engineer Giuseppe Poggi was put in charge of embellishing Florence for the arrival of the government and the Piedmontese “Royal family and bureaucrats that lower the reluctance of the banks of the Arno to manage from here Italy reunited under a unique reign.”

The 15th of September 1865 in Paris was signed the Italian-French Convention that stated the withdrawal of the Napolean trups Vatican State, and on the 3rd of February 1965 Florence was proclaimed Capital of the Italian Republic.

Part of the ancient walls were destroyed to make room for roads that surrounded the center of the city and that are still present today; these climbing up Viale dei Colli reached the natural terrace overlooking Florence: Piazzale Michelangelo.

Poggi’s intention was to transform the Loggia on a Michelangelo-centered museum, unfortunately this remained just a dream as the artworks never arrived, but the intellectual spirits yes and the Loggia became an Historical Italian Café that during the years has seen many important names sit at its tables and in its halls, like the statesmen Bettino Ricasoli  and Giovanni Spadolini; poets and writers like Papini and Montale, Bo, Palazzeschi and Luzi, Maccari and Malaparte.

The Loggia reached its peak of splendor between 1855 and 1866, welcoming intense and animated discussions of the Macchiaioli painters becoming one of the most vivid centers of the cultural and artistic Florentine debate.

The game of volumes and geometries of the Loggia with its columns, its arches, the galleries and the halls was thought to create a metaphysical location of encounters. Of Meditation. A shelter for art works and intellectuals.

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La Loggia is a magic place suitable for any kind of occasion and need.

With its multiple indoor and outdoor spaces, we are able to satisfy all our clients, you can book here a romantic dinner for two, a wedding or a corporate dinner.

From the top of Florence we offer a wide choice.

In the warm season it’s possible to exploit the following outdoor spaces:

The Loggiato Terrace where you can enjoy an informal lunch or dinner, an aperitive together with friends or celebrate birthdays. Protected from the sun by the big umbrellas, you can taste our dishes and enjoy the company of your guests and friends in front of the breathtaking view of Florence. To rest and find refreshment in the shade you can relax under the majestic and elegant lodge.

External Restaurant, ideal in the warm season it is located in the Loggiato Terrace, here you can relish a lunch or a dinner with the Gran Carte Menu tasting the flavor of a unique atmosphere. The panorama will be the scenery in which you’ll fall in love with the dishes prepared with care and attention by our chef. Ideal for a romantic appointment or a dinner with friends, for family dinners or a more formal encounter.

Panoramic Terrace is our crown jewel. If from the Loggiato Terrace it’s possible to admire the extension of an immortal city, from this terrace, right on the top of the building what you will see will totally leave you speechless. The perfect venue for private parties or special dinners or for any event that deserves to be remembered with the added value of an unforgettable panorama.

When winter arrives it’s possible to exploit this terrace thanks to covering structures that will warmly welcome any special occasion.

Not just outdoor, when the cold seasons arrive La Loggia offers three indoor elegant halls.

The Cafeteria, excellent for a quick and informal lunch or dinner or to take a relaxing break tasting a warm and delicious cappuccino, a tea or a drink from our cocktail bar.

The Restaurant, for the more elegant and formal meals. Behind the glass of the big windows you will still be able to appreciate the view of Florence while you choose your meal from the Grand Carte, and the wine thanks to the advices of our sommelier.

Hall for the Events, an elegant and refined hall is ready to welcome our clients in a cozy atmosphere, through its glass walls La Loggia offers once again the view over the city centre of Florence, where the unquestionable protagonist is Ponte Vecchio.

Ideal for corporate dinners or private events to celebrate in style.